Sizzix Accessory - Cutting Pads, Standard. Lõikeplaadid, 1 paar.

Tootja: Sizzix
Mudel: 655093
Saadavus: 2
Hind: 11.50€
KM-ta: 9.58€



2 standartsuuruses läbipsitavat lõikeplaati Sizzixi masinatele Big Shot, BIGKick, Vagabond. Mõõtmed: 22,2 см х 15,5 cm

This pair of Cutting Pads was specially designed for use in the BIGkick, Big Shot and Vagabond machines. Constructed of high-quality polycarbonate plastic, these see-through Cutting Pads allow for easy die-cutting of Sizzix steel-rule dies (Bigz, Movers & Shapers, Originals and ScoreBoards) in the BIGkick, Big Shot and Vagabond machines. Simply sandwich the die and material to be cut between the Cutting Pads and roll through the machine. A Premium Crease Pad may be needed in place of one Cutting Pad when die-cutting Sizzix steel-rule dies containing crease rule.